Spanish Verb Conjugation Course

Spanish Verb Conjugation Course for All Levels

Are the different verb tenses giving you a hard time?

Are you too exhausted to memorize one more verb table and remember each and every rule and exception?

Most Spanish learners consider verb conjugation as one of the biggest problem areas in learning Spanish. But if you’re wondering whether there’s a less difficult, less painful way to approach verb conjugation in Spanish—the answer is yes, there is.

This Spanish Verb Conjugation Course Is Exactly What You Need

It’s time to let go of the usual cumbersome method of memorizing every Spanish verb form and all the rules that go with it. This course can help you develop a reflex for picking the correct verb form without any hesitation. Just the way native speakers do it.

In this Spanish Verb Conjugation Course, you will learn 12 of the most useful Spanish verbs and use them as a model to cover 80% of all Spanish verbs.

The best part?

There will be no need to memorize anything. Simply follow the audio-based drills, do the exercises, and wrap it all up together with the grammar lessons.


Spanish Verb Conjugation Course

Spanish Verb Conjugation Course for All Levels

Spanish Verb Conjugation Course for All Levels

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Inside the Spanish Verb Conjugation Course:

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What's Inside the Course?

Part 1: A Review of Spanish Tenses

Here you'll learn:

  • The different verb tenses and when to use them
  • The rules for conjugating the different verb forms

Lessons and Topics

Lesson 1: Spanish Present Tense

Lesson 2: Future Tense

Lesson 3: Preterite Tense

Lesson 4: Spanish Perfect Tense

Lesson 5: Imperfect Tense

Lesson 6: Spanish Conditional Tense

Lesson 7: Imperative

Lesson 8: Subjunctive Guide

Part 2: Audio Drills

Learn how to:

  • Develop "a melody" for the correct verb form so you will automatically pick the correct one without hesitation.
  • Use the 11 most common Spanish verbs as a model to cover 80% of all Spanish verbs.

Lessons and Topics

Verb 1: Amar – to love

Verb 2: Temer – to fear

Verb 3: Partir – to leave

Verb 4: Ser – to be

Verb 5: Dormir – to sleep

Verb 6: Pedir – to ask

Verb 7: Poder – to be able (can)

Verb 8: Haber – to have

Verb 9: Tener – to have (second form)

Verb 10: Ir – to go

Verb 11: Jugar – to play

With this course, you will be able to:

  • Learn Spanish verb conjugation without the hassle of rote memorization using the verbs AMAR, TEMER, PARTIR, SER, ESTAR, DORMIR, IR, PEDIR, PODER, HABER, TENER, and JUGAR.
  • Acquire a reflex in selecting the correct verb form instinctively.
  • Learn proper pronunciation and be able to speak Spanish words in a manner that will be fully understood by native Spanish speakers.
  • Become good at Spanish pronunciation by mimicking how the words are pronounced in the audio.
  • Give your Spanish listening skills a boost with plenty of exposure to the standard and authentic sound of spoken Spanish.
  • Learn and review the different Spanish tenses through simplified lessons.
  • Cement your understanding of the lessons with the exercises.

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With this course, you will:

  • Learn how to pick the correct verb form instinctively through highly effective audio-based repetition exercises.
  • Wrap up your knowledge of verb tenses by reviewing the grammar rules.
  • Give your ears solid listening practice and be able to understand how the words sound compared to how they appear in text.
  • Improve your Spanish pronunciation by mimicking the audio recorded by a native Spanish speaker.
  • Learn Spanish more naturally—the way native speakers do.

If you are a Spanish learner who is still having problems with verb conjugation, this course is perfect for you.

This course will benefit you greatly if:

  • You have no patience for memorizing verb tenses and wish there was some other way to learn it.
  • You are serious about reaching your learning goals in Spanish.
  • You are a busy adult learner who is looking for a convenient Spanish online course that won’t clash with your busy schedule.
  • You can only allot less than an hour to study each day.

This Spanish Verb Conjugation Course is the convenient, pain-free approach to learning verb tenses.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to complete the course?

Most students finish the course in 20 hours.

Will I get any help from a teacher throughout the course?

There's a comment section inside each course where you can ask me about each lesson, and you can always email me about any topic related to the Spanish culture and language at:

What if I change my mind about joining a course?

I offer a 60-day money-back guarantee. That means if it's completely different from what you expected or you don't see any progress at all—you have a chance to quit. I'll refund your money at any time in the first 60 days.

Any other questions you wonder about?

Don't hesitate to contact the course creator (which conveniently is me) if you have any questions about a course you're looking at. You can write to me at this email address:

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Spanish Verb Conjugation Course for All Levels

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