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Week 1 Day 5: Nouns – Exercise 1

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Now that we know the rules for determining when a word is masculine or feminine, let’s see how well we can put what we’ve talked about into practice.

Decide which of these nouns are masculine and which are feminine (some of them will be new to you):

  1. Amigo* – Friend
  2. Niño* – Child
  3. Biblioteca – Library
  4. Tienda – Store
  5. Ciudad – City
  6. Parque – Park
  7. Papel – Paper
  8. Escuela – School
  9. Bolígrafo – Pen
  10. País – Country
  11. Mundo – World
  12. Persona** – Person

*These two nouns can change gender based on who you’re talking about: “my female friend” would be “mi amiga.” “The little girl” would be “la niña.”

**This word does not change based on who you’re talking about. Even if the person you’re talking about is a man, he is still a “persona.”