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Week 2 Day 4: More About Ser – Exercise 2

Translate the following sentences from Spanish into English:

  • Yo no soy una persona infeliz.
  • Mi padre es extrovertido, pero mi madre es tímida.
  • Mis hermanos son jóvenes*.
  • Mi mejor (best) amigo no es muy (very) trabajador.
  • Alejandra es honesta y generosa.
  • Ricardo es bastante (rather) hablador.

*In case you were wondering, there is an accent on this word to keep the original pronunciation correct. In “joven” the stress falls on the syllable “jo” (because it ends in a consonant, and the stress falls on the second to last syllable, as we learned before).

When we add the -es, we see that suddenly, the second to last syllable is different. Now, it’s “ve.” But we want to keep the original pronunciation, so we need to add an accent to clarify that (since it’s no longer following the rule).