My Spanish Routine Volume 1: A Complete Step-by-Step Method to Learn Spanish

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Teach Yourself How to Speak Spanish with This Complete Step-by-Step Method

  • One lesson per day: five days a week for four weeks
  • Short lessons are broken down into grammar, vocabulary topics, audio guides, and learning exercises
  • A strong focus on listening: listen to Spanish audio guides recorded by native speakers and follow along to practice your pronunciation
  • 30-day money back guarantee

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A Step-By-Step Method to Learn Spanish on Your Own

Does learning Spanish independently seem like a daunting—or nearly impossible—task?

Perhaps you have always wanted to learn Spanish but neither have the time or the budget to hire a tutor or join a class. You want to learn Spanish but on your own good time. Is it possible to effectively use a DIY approach to learning Spanish?

The DIY Book You Need to Learn Spanish

You need a complete Spanish book that would cater to all your learning needs. One that effectively mixes grammar lessons with vocabulary, audio guides to boost your listening skills, and enough exercises to guarantee your understanding.

You need a book that lays down the lessons step by step so you will no longer have to create lesson plans of your own. A book that from the start until finish will help you with learning Spanish every step of the way.

Useful grammar lessons and vocabulary

Audio guides

Learning exercises

Introducing: My Spanish Routine Volume 1 for Complete Beginners

The first volume of My Spanish Routine caters to complete beginners and contains a step-by-step guide and everything you need to learn Spanish independently.

  • One lesson per day: short lessons you can take for less than an hour 5 days a week for 4 weeks
  • Daily lessons are broken down into grammar, vocabulary topics, audio guides, and learning exercises
  • A strong focus on listening: listen to Spanish conversations recorded by native speakers and follow along to practice your pronunciation
My Spanish Routine

This book has condensed basic Spanish lessons into simple daily tasks that include grammar and vocabulary topics, audio guides, and exercises. The result is a total learning package that covers the fundamental topics and aims to have you speaking Spanish by the end of the twenty lessons.

What this e-book is

It is a complete guide to learning Spanish containing all the lessons a complete beginner needs.

What it is NOT

This is not a crash course to learning Spanish. You will not become fluent in 30 days of lessons. Rather, you will be able to grasp and speak basic Spanish.

Short yet challenging lessons

This book is divided into twenty lessons and is designed for you to tackle a single lesson each day, five days a week, for four weeks. The lessons are short enough to remain interesting yet challenging enough to keep you on your toes, leaving you wanting more.

Each daily lesson includes the following

  • One to three grammar topics
  • Sample dialogue to illustrate a grammar point
  • Audio recorded by native Spanish speakers for you to listen to and follow along with MP3 guides to help you learn the pronunciation
  • Exercises and practice activities
  • Vocabulary lists
  • And more!

Practical and Effective Method

There are many resources available for learning Spanish but what makes this book stand out from the rest is the method the whole book is based on. This book incorporates the most effective methodologies gleaned from years of actual hands-on teaching, combining lessons and exercises in the best possible way.

Strong Focus on Listening

The book comes with intuitive audio material designed to facilitate faster absorption of the topics. But unlike regular audio books on the market, the listening exercises are carefully integrated into the daily lessons and introduced at just the right moments.

You can listen to Spanish conversations recorded by native speakers as well as practice your pronunciation with the vocabulary.

Create A Learning Habit

Building on the idea that Spanish can be learned painlessly if you create a learning habit, this book fully puts into practice the approach introduced by Spanish language website

The lessons are laid out in such a way that you will need to allot time each day for short lessons. By consistently learning from the book over a period of time, learners like you will be able to learn Spanish much more efficiently than if you studied in a sporadic manner, regardless of how much time you spend on it.

When learning Spanish, quality trumps quantity and this book will serve as your guide to help you achieve quality learning.

Is this method for you?

If you…

  • are a beginner learner with little to no previous knowledge about the Spanish language
  • are someone who studied Spanish before but needs to brush up on the language
  • prefer learning Spanish on your own and are tired of the incomplete materials available in the market

… this book is specially crafted with you in mind.

Technical Details:

  • 20 daily lessons designed to be taken 5 days a week for 4 weeks
  • FREE MP3 tracks
  • Practice activities and exercises

What can you expect from this book?

After a month of studying you should be able to:

  • Convey basic ideas in Spanish and be able to speak it with an admirable level of confidence and skill
  • Become familiar with basic Spanish grammar structures
  • Have simple conversations in Spanish
  • Express opinions in Spanish about various topics
  • Learn a total of 1500 vocabulary words that you can use in your daily conversations

What's in this book?


This product and its accompanying audio are covered by the My Daily Spanish 30-Day Refund Policy. Not satisfied with the product? Get a full refund within 30 days.

23 reviews for My Spanish Routine Volume 1: A Complete Step-by-Step Method to Learn Spanish

  1. Jeremiah Dunahee

    I found the so to be very helpful. It reinforced the Spanish I already knew, and taught me a lot of new content.

  2. Laura L

    A good book to learn spanish basics. Having audio and writting is very helpful and a lesson every day is a perfect way for me to commit and learn. I recommend it.

  3. Zethlene de los Reyes

    Very engaging! I really like how this book was laid out in a way that you develop habit of practicing all areas of language learning, specially the listening and speaking skills.

  4. Camille

    This book is a great tool in developing a foundation in the Spanish language. It was really useful to hear the correct pronunciation of words, which is always the hard part for me as a beginner. I also found the recap section at the end of each chapter handy in order to set realistic goals for myself.

  5. Elivelton Santos

    Great book ! It works perfectly for me because there are many examples of useful language for basic learners. I recommend it.

  6. Evaldo Fortunato Junior

    I strongly recommend this book for beginners. I’ve been practicing reading, writing and speaking gradually with the daily lessons and it’s possible to finish all the exercises in four weeks. It’s great!

  7. Matheus Franco

    I loved it! This book is perfect for self taught students like me. Although I live in Brazil I’ve never really liked Spanish before but it’s really easy to understand and learn this way.

  8. E. Fortunato

    I strongly recommend this book for beginners. I’ve been practicing reading, writing and speaking gradually with the daily lessons and it’s possible to finish all the exercises in four weeks. It’s great!

  9. Eduardo Samuel

    I find this book a great aid in learning and improving the Spanish language.

  10. Rodrigo

    I recommend this book. It is really helpful in learning Spanish. It has a great method and the explanation are very simple and easy to understand.

  11. sofien jabou

    This book is amazing,it is a great book for beginners who want to learn Spanish, i love his special method to teach spanish and how it makes it easy and i really like the idea that it is spoken by native Spanish to improve the pronunciation. I’amin love with this book

  12. Flora C.

    I’m very happy. I’m finally learning! I recommend.

  13. Junelly Carla Soan

    I have finished the e-book and I must say I enjoyed it very much though this was my first time to study spanish language. It is very detailed and I will be able to use what I have learned on a daily basis! Very useful and direct to the point!

  14. Sarah Abiz-Strugala

    I really like this book, it’s really easy to learn Spanish with it.

  15. Lily E.

    I found this book to be very practical. The chapters of the book have reading, writing and listening sections which I find to provide a very comprehensive learning experience. The recap at the end of each week is also great to sum up what has been learned. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to be able to have basic conversations in Spanish and improve their vocabulary.

  16. Pedro Silva

    One of the things that caught my attention in this book was the way in which it encourages us to become self-taught and disciplined. It helped me a lot to become a more disciplined person regarding to the studies. Another feature that pleased me greatly was the fact that it contains illustrations through conversations.

  17. Leo Spinoza

    Leaning Spanish always interests me. As a beginner, this book helps me a lot in improving various aspects of my skills specially in grammar, pronunciation and listening. This book gives me daily fresh topics. And what I like about it is that, the topics are presented and explained in a fashion that I can easily digest them and spend the rest of my day retaining all the information in my head and do again on the next day with some fresh new topics. It is worth my investment and time.

  18. Jonathan Vargas

    My Spanish Routine has become my newest routine. This format has to be the best language learning book format out there. I began to feel much more confident in speaking Spanish within the first lesson. With the combination of listening and reading with Translation all embedded in each lesson. With sentence building, vocabulary, numbers, alphabet, and etc. This book is packed with easy digestible plans that build upon the last lesson. 

    I would totally recommend this for beginners. And hope others could use this format in other languages.

  19. twana06

    This was a book that I enjoyed. It was a little more advanced than what I am used to, but overall it was very helpful. It has a nice set of Spanish stories and the audio is very clear. Also, since it’s an audio book I was able to listen to it on the go.

  20. sjakaj

    Great book for beginners! Purchased it ahead of a business trip to Spain. With the help of this book I was able to refresh my Spanish language skills. Can’t wait to put my news skills to use! Strongly recommended!

  21. Whitney

    I really enjoyed this book! My spanish has improved so much that I’m able to hold conversations with most of my spanish speaking co-workers.

  22. Jahkai Van Walters

    Good for beginner to intermediate Spanish learners. This book really helped with pronunciation as well.

  23. Patrick Esquivel

    The book was perfect for beginners in that it gives all the information needed to carry on both a casual and formal conversation in Spanish. It is really very helpful

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