Spanish Stories for Intermediate Level Vol 1-3 Bundle

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  • A total of 30 engaging stories about everyday themes, written using a wide range of vocabulary and diverse grammar structures.
  • Built-in glossary: learn a total of 3,000+ new Spanish words, including some colloquial terms and expressions spoken in everyday Spanish conversations.
  • Free audio to improve your listening skills in Spanish.
  • 3 formats available: PDF, EPUB, and MOBI.

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Spanish Short Stories for Intermediate Level

Reading is one of the best activities you can do to learn new vocabulary and create better sentence structures.

But as an intermediate level learner, it can be difficult to find proper materials to practice reading. You will also need to consult a dictionary while you’re reading, and without audio accompaniment, it can be difficult to learn how a word is pronounced by native speakers.

Boost Your Reading and Listening Comprehension with Short Stories + Audio

Reading and listening to short stories can be a fun and painless way to learn Spanish. Short stories will introduce you to new vocabulary and sentence structures. And when reading is coupled with audio material to boost your reading comprehension, it becomes an even more fun and effective method to improve your Spanish.

By learning this way, you will be able to:

  • improve your Spanish without the monotonous chore of memorizing grammar rules.
  • learn new vocabulary that you can immediately put to use every day.
  • practice your listening skills by listening to a native Spanish-speaker narrating the stories.

Enjoyable stories

Varied vocabulary and sentence structures

Audio for listening practice

30 Useful Stories Best Suited for Intermediate Level

This 3-volume bundle makes use of simple yet entertaining stories to help you learn Spanish. By covering a diverse range of grammar structures and vocabulary, and supplementing it with audio, you can improve your reading and writing skills, and even practice your listening and pronunciation.

  • 30 entertaining stories about everyday themes across 3 e-books.
  • A total of 3,000+ new Spanish vocabulary items, including some colloquial terms spoken in everyday Spanish conversations.
  • Free audio (total of 15 hours!) to improve your listening skills in Spanish.

Learn Spanish Vocabulary in Context

The short stories will not just teach you new Spanish words, but also help you better understand the contexts in which the words can be used. This will help you develop a more natural flow of words when speaking Spanish.

No Dictionary Needed

With built-in glossaries throughout the text, you will learn thousands of Spanish words, phrases, and expressions, without the need for a dictionary. This will let you enjoy an unhampered reading experience and boost your reading comprehension.

Useful Story Themes for Intermediate Level

The stories you will find in this e-book bundle are not only interesting to read, but also revolve around useful situations that you might encounter in everyday life. You can immediately put the words you learn to use!

Improve Your Listening Skills and Pronunciation with Audio

Practice your listening skills and familiarize yourself with spoken Spanish by listening to the free audio recorded by a native Spanish-speaker. When you listen to the audio supplement, you will be able to train your ear and familiarize yourself with how the words sound when spoken, as well as practice pronunciation by following along with the audio.

Useful Learning Aids and Extra Features

Aside from the audio material provided, you will also find:

  • free audio flashcards including English glossary
  • questions at the end of each chapter: to promote comprehension.
  • a summary of the story: after each chapter, you are encouraged to write a short summary of the story, and you can compare it to the provided summary, to check for understanding.

These learning aids are embedded directly into the material to ensure a smooth flow of learning.

Is This E-book Bundle for You?

If you are any of the following, this is for you:

  • An intermediate learner who’s looking for a fun way to learn Spanish.
  • Fond of reading short stories.
  • Looking for an e-book with audio that you can listen to anywhere.

Technical Details:

  • 3,000+ words and expressions in Spanish translated into English.
  • MP3 (15 hours in total).
  • Total length of each story: 45000 words.


This product and its accompanying audio are covered by the My Daily Spanish  30-Day Refund Policy. Not satisfied with the product? Get a full refund within 30 days.

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17 reviews for Spanish Stories for Intermediate Level Vol 1-3 Bundle

  1. Taylor Patterson

    Spanish Stories for Intermediates was a great way for me to strengthen my Spanish skills and enjoy a few entertaining stories all the while. I especially enjoyed the free audio that is accompanied by the volumes. The audio allowed me to understand the pronunciation of some words better than just reading the vocabulary. Also, the glossary in the volumes really helped with quizzing myself on words that I would get stuck on. I would definitely recommend this if you are interested in learning spanish while on the go or for learning spanish in a different setting.

  2. gladis_cam_17

    Very complete pack of books that will take you easily from a beginner to an intermediate level

  3. Katie K.

    The bundle of books is a great deal and gives you everything you need to get a good grasp on the language! I had Spanish in high school and this is a great refresher. The audio included helps to hear the correct pronunciation. The quizzes at the end are nice to see what you really know and how well you understood it. You definitely get your moneys worth. Excellent tool for those serious about learning Spanish.

  4. Cess

    “Great layout for each book. I had studied Spanish for a couple of years but, with these books, I was impressed at how much vocabulary I learned. What I found really useful was that each book included audio tracks, which allowed me to learn different Spanish accents, slangs and pronunciations. It is really dynamic and easy to follow. Extremely recommended.”

  5. Nessy

    Useful practice for grammar and vocabulary. I enjoyed reading these books.

  6. Nico

    A nice way to strenghten my spanish skills. The books come with audio so that you hear the correct pronunciations which helps as well

  7. maria.post13

    If you have serious plans to improve your Spanish, bundle book would be a great option for that. All three parts differ from each other in level of difficulty. I really enjoyed reading all 3 parts but especially the first one (the easiest one:))). The second and the third parts were a bit challenging at first since I haven’t brushed up on my Spanish for a while. However, I caught up fast and could feel an improvement. Using these stories together with audio recording is definitely helpful. I would diffidently recommend this product to everyone who wants to improve their Spanish.

  8. Allison

    As a startup learner, this bundle really improves my Spanish day by day.

  9. Leila

    Good audio. Enjoyed reading along and listening to the pronunciation

  10. Joachim

    Great bundle of books!

  11. Manuel Rodriguez

    Excellent books, I really liked the story of “El Viaje a Mexico” definitely expand my vocabulary. Thanks

  12. Dennis Robinson II

    I chose this bundle because I wanted to get a bang for my buck and man did I! These books make learning Spanish easy and efficient. The audiobooks also come in handy for those auditory learners. I Don’t think I’ve ever been so excited to learn a new language.

  13. Georgiana Constantinescu

    I studied Spanish during my high-school years and I wanted to pick up a job where I could practice it again. This bundle proved to be the perfect acquisition. The stories tackle every-day subjects, it is self-paced and I simply adore the fact that you can listen the audio book while reading the text. The glossary is very helpful and I can practice speaking while answering the questions related to the story I just read.
    I highly recommend it to anyone who want to pick up this language or want to brush up on their Spanish skills.

  14. Iana

    Nice life stories. Learned new interesting words. Good structured book

  15. Thiago Brauer

    Really good material to improve your reading and listening skills in spanish. The glossary also made me learn a bunch of new words. Totally recommend it for those who want to practice.

  16. Savanna

    I bought this book bundle because I was looking for a way to refresh my Spanish skills, and other books I have tried weren’t working for me. I studied Spanish for two years in high school, but haven’t really used it in years. My new job requires me to have some Spanish conversational skills so I figured a book that is meant to help me speak more natively would help. I think this book would be great for people who learn in a more casual way instead of memorizing a bunch of vocabulary words and hoping to string them along. I really like that the stories were simple enough for me to follow and included the meanings of certain words throughout the stories, instead of having a phrase in English and that same phrase in Spanish. The only thing I wish the book did differently was to include pictures with the story because I am a visual person, and I feel like that would have helped me follow what was going on a little better.

  17. danielpestan

    There are very time-saving gathered informations in these spanish books! I think if I focus on all this content, certainly it will be a great step in my journey to go deep in spanish world. Informations well organized help to make the learning process more pleasurable, exactly what I found here. And I think the more attractive features are the funny kids stories, a great tool to keep our concentration on it.
    Thank you so much for your hard work.

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