Improving Spanish Vocabulary: The best Spanish Vocabulary Ebook

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The most comprehensive Spanish vocabulary review e-book available in the market today

All the vocabulary any Spanish learner would ever need. It’s all here!

  • 55 topics covered
  • 20,000+ Spanish words translated
  • Audio included!
  • Follows a logical structure to ensure a smooth, organic, learning curve

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Improve Your Spanish Vocabulary

Vocabulary is one aspect of language that you should devote a huge amount of time on. But learning new Spanish words can be time-consuming and quite challenging.

How do you boost your Spanish vocabulary in a way that is both intuitive and logical?

The Trick to Learning Spanish Vocabulary

There is a way to learn Spanish words faster and a comprehensive vocabulary review e-book that will boost your Spanish vocabulary faster.

Prioritize the most important words

Learn vocabulary by theme

Introducing: The Most Comprehensive Spanish Vocabulary Review E-Book

Designed to enrich the vocabulary of Spanish learners who are serious about learning Spanish, this e-book has more than 20, 000 words sorted into 50 categories plus an additional deck of flashcards for the most important words for each category.

  • 55 topics/ categories
  • 20,000+ Spanish words translated
  • Follows a logical structure to ensure a smooth, organic, learning curve
  • With Audio!!

A Structured Approach to Learning Vocabulary

The topics follow a logical structure to allow a smooth, organic, learning curve:

  • Topics 1- 18: The vocabulary in these topics are the most common and frequently used. So focus on these and spend the most time on it.
  • Topics 19- 28: Pay attention to this if you want to reach the next level of fluency
  • Topics 29- 55: Focus only on the vocabulary that is relevant for you.

Learn Words by Category

Sorted into 55 categories making it easier for you to navigate the e-book. You will also find an additional deck of flashcards for the most important words per category.

Lifetime Update Guaranteed

This e-book will be updated every 6 months with new features and vocabulary.

The price will be increased every time there is a big update but you will get all the new features for free.


Some of the Topics Included

  • Daily Routine
  • Personality
  • Weather
  • Politics
  • Finance
  • Connectors and small talk vocabulary (to avoid awkward silence in a conversation)
  • and so much more! (55 topics in total)

With Audio!!! 

Aside from the ebooks. You will get the audio for every words.

Is this E-Book for you?

If you are any of the following, this is for you:

  • A beginner or intermediate level learner who want to give your vocabulary a boost
  • An advanced level learner who wishes to review Spanish vocabulary
  • Anyone who is interested to improve their Spanish vocabulary, pronunciation and listening skills

Technical Details:

  • 1044 pages (PDF, Epub)
  • Glossary included
  • 2 formats available: (PDF, Epub). You can use on any e-reader (Kindle, Nook, Kobo), smartphone, tablet and computer. The audio is directly embedded in the ebook. 
  • Instant download ! No more waiting to study. Carry it everywhere!

What are you waiting for? Start reviewing  your Spanish vocabulary by getting this e-book today!


This product and its accompanying audio are covered by the My Daily Spanish 30-Day Refund Policy. Not satisfied with the product? Get a full refund within 30 days.

2 reviews for Improving Spanish Vocabulary: The best Spanish Vocabulary Ebook

  1. Joao Barros

    I wasn’t expecting it to be so complete. I was looking for a good Spanish vocabulary book and this is it. There’s nothing else I could ask for. It’s a lot of words, everything is sorted into topics which makes it easier to find specific words. It even helps with pronunciation. I like the learning tips in the introduction, very important to learn quicker. Overall, a very complete book with all the most common Spanish words and very well organised.

  2. Joao

    I am very happy with this ebook. Very complete and well organised. An essential tool to brush-up on Spanish language.

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