Spanish Vocabulary and Slang: A Complete Vocabulary Bundle for All Levels


All the Spanish vocabulary and slang terms any Spanish learner would ever need!

A perfect vocabulary e-book bundle for anyone learning Spanish:

  • Improving Spanish Vocabulary (original price: US$19.90) : Learn more than 20,000 Spanish words across 55 topics. The e-book follows an intuitive and logical structure to help you prioritize the most important frequently used Spanish words and boost your vocabulary faster.
  • Spanish Slang (original price: US$9.90) : Speak and understand Spanish slang as it is currently spoken in 19 different Spanish-speaking countries. 500+ Spanish slang terms included!

Both e-books come with FREE AUDIO to help you speak the correct Spanish pronunciation and practice your listening skills.

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Spanish Vocabulary and Slang for All Levels

Vocabulary is one aspect of language learning that needs a huge amount of time to master. 

But the question is, how do you boost your Spanish vocabulary in a way that is both intuitive and logical? And how do you learn Spanish slang that will provide you with the proper context to avoid being offensive?

The Right Way to Learn Spanish Vocabulary and Slang

The trick to learning Spanish vocabulary is to prioritize the most important words and to learn it by theme. When it comes to Spanish slang, you need a resource with the freshest, most updated slang not just from a single Spanish-speaking country, but 19!---a guide that is intuitive enough to provide you with proper context on how to use these slang terms.

Most importantly, you need a vocabulary and slang e-books that also help with speaking and listening practice.

Prioritize the most important words

Learn Spanish vocabulary by theme

Practice your pronunciation with audio

The most comprehensive Spanish Vocabulary  e-book bundle

Two e-books designed for Spanish learners who are serious about learning Spanish: Improving Spanish Vocabulary and Spanish Slang. All the Spanish words you need to enrich your vocabulary is here—no matter which level you are currently in.

  • With Improving Spanish Vocabulary, learn more than 20,000 Spanish words across 55 topics following a logical structure to ensure faster, more efficient learning.
  • In Spanish Slang, learn 500+ of the freshest Spanish slang from 19 different Spanish-speaking countries. 

These e-books not only provide you with all the relevant vocabulary needed for exams, but also the most essential vocabulary used by native Spanish speakers for everyday communication.

Improving Spanish Vocabulary


A Structured Approach to Learning Vocabulary

The topics follow a logical structure to allow a smooth, organic, learning curve:

  • Topics 1- 18: The vocabulary in these topics are the most common and frequently used. So focus on these and spend the most time on it.
  • Topics 19- 28: Pay attention to this if you want to reach the next level of fluency
  • Topics 29- 55: Focus only on the vocabulary that is relevant for you.

Learn Words by Category

Sorted into 55 categories making it easier for you to navigate the e-book. You will also find an additional deck of flashcards for the most important words per category.

Spanish Slang

Simple, Logical Sorting for Easy Learning

The different Spanish slang terms in this book are sorted into 18 different topics ranging from greetings and people to bad behavior and insults.  You will also find the country origin of the slang-you will be able to learn slang words and expressions from 19 different Spanish-speaking countries such as Spain, Mexico, Argentina, and many more.

Free Audio for Listening and Pronunciation Practice

Spanish Slang comes with FREE audio that you can use to familiarize yourself with the correct pronunciation and tone of the slang terms. The high-quality audio is narrated by a professional Spanish voice talent for an enjoyable listening experience.

Spanish slang

Lifetime Update Guaranteed

These two e-books will be updated regularly with new features and vocabulary.

The price will be increased every time there is a big update but you will get all the new features for free!

Is this e-book bundle for you?

If you are any of the following, this is for you:

  • Beginner level learner and beyond

  • Anyone who is interested in enriching their Spanish vocabulary and learning up-to-date slang


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