Beginner’s Package: Get a Flying Start at Learning Spanish


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Get a Flying Start at Learning Spanish

Learning Spanish can be overwhelming. Where do you start? What books should you buy? What should you learn first?

Everyone who decides to start learning Spanish has to kick off somewhere, and there’s no better way to kick off your Spanish learning with this set of four Spanish e-books that are perfect for beginners like you.

Spanish Beginner’s Package: The Ultimate Beginner E-book Bundle

Everything you need to learn Spanish is in this package of 4 e-books (pdf and epub format):

  • Fluent in Spanish: The Ultimate Spanish Language Study Guide.
  • Spanish Stories for Beginners Vol. 1: Improve your reading and listening skills with 11 stories with built-in dictionary and accompanying audio.
  • My Spanish Routine Vol. 1: A complete step-by-step method to learn Spanish–with daily grammar and vocabulary lessons, quizzes, audio, and more.
  • Spanish Phrasebook: Start to speak Spanish from Day 1 with this comprehensive phrasebook.

Fluent in Spanish

Fluent in Spanish provides you with the most complete Spanish language study guide and a detailed study plan.

It aims to teach you: where to start, how to build your motivation, how to speed up your learning, hurdle all common concerns faced by Spanish learners, and so much more.

Fluent in Spanish

My Spanish Routine Volume 1

My Spanish Routine

A complete guide to learning Spanish containing all the lessons a complete beginner needs.

This e-book contains daily grammar and vocabulary lessons, exercises, with a strong focus on listening. 

Spanish Phrasebook

The phrasebook covers all possible scenarios you may encounter when travelling to Spain, Latin America or any other Spanish-speaking destinations: from your arrival at the airport down to some unfortunate emergencies like a sickness or a flat tire.

Also contains useful phrases for everyday conversations. Perfect for those looking to jumpstart their study of Basic Spanish.


Spanish Stories for Beginners Volume 1

Spanish Short Stories

Spanish Stories for Beginners will be your ideal companion to consolidate your Spanish through reading some easy stories. You'll learn useful Spanish words in context, get acquainted with Spanish sentence structures, and practice your writing skills.

This e-book comes with hours of high-quality audio so you can also practice your listening skills.

Is this e-book bundle for you?

If you are a beginner or a low intermediate level learner, this 4-book bundle is the perfect way for you to get started in learning Spanish.


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